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Anonymous releases new software to brake the stock market and make everone rich

Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

As we promised, after David Rockefeller passed away we are ready not only to reveal documents but our new project called AnoTrade on which we’d worked a couple of years.

For hundreds of years, few self-assigned leaders like Rockeffer, Bush and Trump's family had ruled world financial market. These families got in their greedy hands tons of unfairly earned money. Most of this money comes from stock markets.

Starting in 1905 members of these families as well other billionaires paid to influence stock prices for their own benefit. This system was used for almost 100 years - in 2004 stock market was rebuilt to rely on one main server which is called “Motherboard” and this server sends stock price changes to Nasdaq and other financial tools with a delay of 5 minutes.

You might ask why there is such a delay? Because this system is sponsored by these greedy bastards, so they can make trades before stock price appears publicly. Price is calculated only when it's sent to financial tools, so they can benefit from knowing the result before it appears publicly.

We, Anonymous team have spent years and finally, we can establish a secure and encrypted connection to the main server via multiple subnets. The exact same system is used by billionaires all around the world. They paid for this system tons of money. Since every second this server has over 5000 connections from all around the world, they can’t find which connection is ours. This way we know the stock price before it’s appeared publicly and every registred member AnoTrade can get huge amount of money via these trades.

Our goal is to provide AnoTrade to every world citizen. This is our new project, our gift to the world. Currently, we are sending out invites via social networks - if you are reading this article then you are invited. Our system is safe to use because it can’t be shutdown. To block it they need to turn off the main server which will cost $900 billion per second of downtime. This is much more than stock market billionaires can lose with our system.

Once you create account in our system you’ll be assigned to random broker. They may call you to assist with your account setup. Our system is limited to binary options stock trading because it allows trades in a 60-second timeframe. Every user is limited to earn a maximum $1000 in profit per day. This amount of money will be a good capital for almost any world citizen.

Our system makes automated trades with a random accuracy of 70-74 percent. This is used to avoid suspicion from broker. Since trading requires starting capital, you need to deposit. The minimum amount is $250, but since our system will quadruple this in just 24 hours, it’s not such a big thing. Don’t get us wrong this deposit is used only as a starting capital and we won’t get a single dime from it - this all goes to broker and is sent directly to brokers account via secure connection.

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We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.


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